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Greenlighting Black Lives Matter Youth Media Project and Soul District Fellows Program

We provide opportunities for youth!

Soul District Fellows Program: This internship program is for young people ages 14 -24 who for 2-3 months are apart of our Ambassador Street Team. During their time with us they are exposed to countless networking opportunities, client relations, PR and Marketing Strategies, and other personal development potentials.

The groundbreaking Green Lighting Black Lives Matter Youth Media Project (GLBLM), was made possible by a technology grant from the Mount Hood Cable Regulatory Commission.

The GLBLM program recruits and trains next-generation Black youth entrepreneurs, ages 16-26, in the usage and purposeful application of cutting edge video technology, film, and video production equipment. It seeks to inspire and empower them to tell their own stories of what it means to grow up Black on the streets of Portland, Oregon.

Upon completion of the project, their unique perspectives will be widely shared with regional, national and international viewing audiences through media outlets, screening events and film festivals. The skills garnered in the process can then be leveraged to propel students forth into careers in the exploding film, video and tech industries should they choose those pathways after graduation.

If you want information on applying or have any questions about the programs. Call our Headquarters at 503-841-5032 or email our Soul District Outreach Coordinator @ [email protected]